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Renderings of Historic Buildings by Artist Edward Alejandre


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#180Governor's Mansion, Sacramento

#181 Moores House, Los Angeles

#182 Leonard J. Rose Mansion

#183 Carson Mansion, Eureka

#184 Milton Carson House Eureka

#184 Milton Carson House

#185 William McCormick House, San Francisco

Notable California,  

#180 Governor's Mansion 1877-78 State Historic Monument SHL 823 (Formerly The Albert Gallatin House) Architect Nathaniel D. Goodell Built for Albert Gallatin a local hardware merchant, Joseph Steffens purchased the property in 1887. The State of California purchased the house in 1903 for the Executive Residence. It served as home  for 13 Governors over a span of 64 years. This Victorian example of architecture has a blend of Gothic and Italianate features and boasts a Charles Adams tower. The Mansion is no longer used as a residence for the governor and is open daily for tours under the direction of the California Department of Parks and Recreation. located at: SE corner of H and 15th Street


#181 MOOERS HOUSE-818 Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles California In the 1880's and 1890's the Victorian style of known as Queen Anne demonstrated that the owner was a person of means. The visual quality sought in the Queen Anne "picturesque ness" defined by the ornate gables, towers spindle work and verandas as well as leaded glass and crystal windows, decorative shingle walls and bright colors. The Frederick Mooers house, named for an early owner who discovered the Yellow Aster gold mine in Kern County, boasts an array of Queen Anne features, plus a hint of the Moorish in the cupola and arches above the windows. listed in the National Register of Historic Places and Los Angeles historic-Cultural Monument #45


#82 L.J. Rose Mansion , Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, (demolished). Opulent mansion on Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles on the corner of Fourth Street and Grand Avenue. The lavish interior was used for the 1937 Fox Studios movie "IN OLD CHICAGO" about the Chicago fire of 1871. Today, none of the lofty mansions remain.L.J. Rose's Mansion  in Los Angeles (see below) contained a wine cellar which was stocked by wine from his ranches "Sunnyslope" and "Rosemead", derived from Rose's meadows that was just north and east of San Gabriel. Later shortened to Rosemead.Rose and his wife Amanda's land was between 500 and 700 acres between what is now Rosemead Boulevard on the East; Walnut Grove on the West, and from Grand Avenue on the North to Shea Place on the South. He introduced many new varieties of grapes onto cuttings from the "Mother Vine" at Mission San Gabriel Archangel. Rose was also breeder and trainer of fine race horses.



#183 William Carson Mansion, 1884-86. (Curently the Ingomar Club)

Architects: Samuel and Joseph Newsom. (Now The Ingomar Club, a private club) This, the largest residence designed by the Newsoms stands on a promontory overlooking the bay and the east end of town in Eureka, California. The 18 room mansion is basically Queen Anne with Italianate and Eastlake touches. It is composed of redwood, fir and hardwood including Primavera from South America. Fireplaces are of pale pink onyx. Throughout are stained glass windows many forming life-sized figures of the middle ages. The original contract for the house (1884) reads "day labor $25,000.00". The following year a second contract notice was $50,000.oo. Often called the most ambitious house north of San Francisco. It is one of the most photographed houses in America.


#184 J. Milton Carson House, 1887, 2nd & M Streets by Samuel and Joseph C, Newsom. Queen Anne. Lumber Baron William Carson constructed this house across the street from the Carson Mansion. In 1920 the home was sold to. After several owners it was bequeathed to two sisters residing in Germany and operated as a rooming house. In 1942 the U.S. government seized it as Nazi property. It was sold at public auction in 1951 to the late Lloyd Bridges and Associates (father of the TV and movie star. In 1963 it was purchased by Realtor and Mrs. Robert Madsen who restored the property and put it to commercial use


#200 William McCormick House , 809-11 Pierce Street, San Francisco, Queen Anne Tower House. Water connection date of 1894. Date is potentially inaccurate but water department records did not perish in the 1906 fire. Original owner, William McCormick

 Original owner William McCormick

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